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Xpress Movers is a licensed professional moving company. As we strive to provide better moving services, we offer smart moving tips to make your move even easier. Fill our free moving quote to start your moving with Xpress Movers.

There is a selection of essential quick moving tips everybody should read before moving. Also check the helpful websites we have selected for you.

Tip 1: How to pack the books

Use only small boxes for books - they get very heavy, very fast. Filling large boxes with books will only slow down the movers.

Moving Tips Books

Using small boxes is a better choice. Using big boxes can result in breaking the box and damaging the books by falling on the ground. Smaller boxes are easier to move. Also, you can separate your books by genre, so that you can easily arrange them in your new home.

TIP 2: Packing fragile items

Moving Tips FragileWhen packing fragile items, leave a 2-4 inch layer of crumpled paper at the bottom, sides and top of the box. Packing it like that can seriously reduce the chance for the items to be damaged while transportation. We are always carefull with fragile items and boxes. Write a "Fragile" on the box, so that the movers know that they have to be extra carefull with this box.

Tip 3: Packing important documents

Never pack important paperwork such as: Passport, Bills, Bank Statements, Utility Bills, Birth Certificates, School records and etc. with the rest of your belongings. Those kind of documents should be packed in a box that you will carry by yourself. The box should be well packed and labelled "Documents" so that you won't forget about it and put it with the rest of the moving boxes.

Tip 4: Handling hazardous materials

You're not allowed to take any kind of hazardous materials. Some common kitchen and household supplies are not allowed on the moving truck. These includes: Paint, Laundry and Cleaning detergents, gasoline, propane tanks, oil, etc. For a full list of all not-allowed items please contact us.

Tip 5: Disassemble furniture and other equipment

As you take apart furniture and other items, make sure to put all parts to the main base. Collect every little piece while disassembling your furniture.

Tip 6: Moving appliances

Empty and defrost the fridge the day before the move and disconnect the washer/dryer. This will make it easier for the movers when they arrive on moving day.

Tip 7: Power and garden tools

Wrap all sharp edges and use plenty of cushioning to prevent damages. Tape long-handled tools together and place small ones in boxes.

Tip 8: Garden tools

Moving Tips Lawn MowersWhen moving lawn mowers/yard edgers and all gasoline operated machinery, make sure the gas tanks are empty, or at least our of the machine. Check for oil leaks from the engines.

Check regularly for more moving tips as we update our tips for a smooth move regularly.

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Do not forget to download and read our printable moving checklist. As Xpress Movers are professional out of state movers, we also estimate moving costs for free.

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