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Xpress Movers specializes in the moving furniture and boxes into Pods or ABF portable storage moving container units. You rent the pod or Relo Cube and we will do the labor moving help and will move all your belongings into the portable moving container unit and secure it during the long trip. We will load and unload your portable on demand storage fast and reliably.

Renting a Pod moving container

Finding a moving container to be delivered to your home just got a lot easier now that we have three pod moving services for you to choose from. Why do we have three storage pods companies instead of one? Well they both provide the same basic service but each company has limitations in the number of moving pods they have in any area at any given time. It is an interesting long term or short term secure storage moving solution option.

After having your relocube quote, ABF quote or pod rental quote, make sure you call Xpress Movers at 800-778-4177 for a free moving quote, moving labor help quote and packing quote. We will prepare cross country moving costs calculation on your move for free.

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your portable storage

Packing the furniture and securing all items inside the portable storage container is crucial for your belongings. Improper loading could result in great damages on all your furniture, your precious collections, personal valuables and important documents. Because of the nature of the portable moving mobile storage and moving pod containers they are subject to tilting and vibrations while loading on the trailer and during portable storage unit transportation:

How we load the furniture - The proper loading the furniture as well as securing it with blankets and tape in the mobile storage unit container is a vital part of bringing all your belongings intact. If not properly secured, the furniture may get scratched and cracked. Dents may occur during transportation if loaded incorrectly in the portable moving pod. The placement of the furniture depending on their size and weight is very important in order to prevent shifting of contents during the load of the portable moving container pod onto the truck.

How we treat liquids - Loading and Moving liquids with your furniture and working documents moving container interstate could result in permanent damage or destruction of all your vital paperwork or expensive furniture. Detergents and all hazardous liquids should be transported separately or in a sealed cover to prevent it from spilling.

Packing fragile items - All fragile items like glasses and plates should be moved and packed with bubble wrap and packing paper and put into moving boxes. During transportation the moving containers and portable storage pods are subject to vibrations and tilting. This could result in breaking expensive glassware if not packed by professionals.

Contact appropriate utilities - You'll need to contact your local utility companies for services like phone, electricity, and water. Provide them with begin and end dates and schedule any necessary appointments that will require your presence.

Having professional to load your furniture into the moving pods containers or the ABF Door to Door portable storage Relo Cube is a guarantee that your belongings will be delivered undamaged and in intact condition.

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