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Xpress Movers offers secure and affordable Storage for virtually both Local and Long Distance relocations. Our Storage Facilities are well maintained, clean and equipped with modern Alarm systems for better protection. All of your belongings will be carefully wrapped and placed inside the facility during the storage period with our xpress movers & storage service.

Preparation for xpress movers & storage Moving

It all starts with a detailed inventory list of all items that are being stored. All of your items are inspected and their condition is recorded before the storage moving.
Then all of your furniture pieces need to be carefully wrapped either by you or by our trained professionals. This will help to avoid any damages to your belongings the storage period. A pickup day/time is scheduled with your Moving Coordinator and on moving day your belongings are loaded on our trucks from the Express Movers and Storage.
When they arrive in our storage facility, we carefully unload them in designated storage unit containing only your move. This unit is then locked and access is limited only to Logistics and Operations managers. Xpress offers Short Term movers storage and Long term movers storage options:

Short-term Storage Movers

The Short term Storage Movers at Xpress Movers will provide reliable Short Term Storage Moving Options - safe and climate controlled Short Term Storage Movers Facilities. With our short term moving storage options you can have your short term movers storage items stores for a day, week, month or even a year depending on your Short Term Storage Movers requirements. Try the short term moving storage service by Xpress Movers & Storage.

Long-term Storage Movers
by Xpress Movers & Storage

Xpress Movers provides affordable Long-term Storage Movers options for storing long-term furniture, boxes and household items. The Long-term Storage Movers will also move your furniture to your place as soon as you are ready to have the Long-term Storage items delivered. We are the Long Term moving storage movers you need for your long term storage movers needs - xpress moving and storage.

Door to door
Express Movers and Storage Service

We offer great flexibility to all of our customers and if you only need some of your items, just
Call Xpress Movers at: 1-800-778-4177
to schedule a convenient date/time to deliver the needed belongings at affordable costs. Xpress Movers & Storage is the right option if you require a quality Express Movers and Storage service. We also offer afforable Over Night Storage. If you need Summer Storage Movers or Student Storage Movers, Xpress Movers is the right mover for you.

Special Moving Options:

Let us deliver all packing materials on the moving day.

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