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Many of the steps for pre-planning an international move are similar to those of a domestic move. You can see a free online estimate throuhg our price calculator for a costs quote on your move. Alternatively, we will visit you to your home for a visual survey and we will provide a free international moving estimate. Special allowances must be made, the necessary paperwork and the various regulations existing in the United States and foreign countries. No matter if you are moving overseas to Europe, Asia, Africa or any other part of the world, we will help you make it an easy task.

Surveys and Estimates: Cost to overseas destinations is based on weight and (cubic) measurement of the household goods when packed for shipment. It includes air or ocean transportation charges and packing and unpacking services of the carrier's origin and destination agents. Most shipments will be shipped in 20' or 40' containers if moving overseas. It does NOT include charges for storage, servicing of appliances, custom duty, liability coverage or extra pick up or delivery.

What NOT to move: Many articles of household goods cannot be shipped internationally (plants, foods, flammables). You should also be informed of Customs' regulations to identify any boycotted manufactures or materials which are prohibited in the destination country, such as liquor, fire arms or ammunition. You can contact the nearest consular of the destination country and obtain a copy of the latest customs' regulations. Customs duty for importation of automobiles varies from country to country and is sometimes extremely high. Pets are forbidden in some countries and others may require an entry permit, health and rabies certificates or a quarantine period may be up to six months or longer at the owners expense.

Packing For International Moving: Packing for an overseas move is very different from that of a move within the United States. Moving OverseasEverything must be wrapped and arranged inside large waterproof plywood, metal or fiberglass boxes called lift vans or loaded directly into ship containers (20 ft and 40 ft). You should NOT pack your own goods. Due to recent terrorist threats, self-packing is not allowed. The Public Health Security and Bio terrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 dictates what can and cannot be done on international moves. Thankfully you can count on Xpress Movers quality packing services, our staff will make sure your goods will be transported safely. All items not boxed are and should be wrapped in a thick corrugated brown paper. Everything is then fitted into the container.

Valuation and Claims: You can declare full value for the whole shipment or you can "itemize" items you would like protected. The coverage establishes value of an item before shipment. For each item lost or damaged, the coverage will (1) pay up to the value established by inventory before shipment, or (2) pay the cost of repairs up to the declared value of the item or (3) replace the item with a like article up to the declared value. Any item claimed as "extremely high value" will require a "Certificate of Authenticity" supporting the declared value.

Required Documents: Completion of several documents should be arranged to avoid complications at destination. Applications for these forms should be made as far as in advance as possible: Passports, Certificate of Registration, US Export Forms, Visa, Residence and Work Permits, Medical and Immunization Certificates, International Driving Permits, and Marriage Certificate.

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We at Xpress Movers can help you with everything for your international overseas moving. We are at 1 call far from you. Call us now at 1-800-778-4177 and get your on-phone overseas moving estimate or fill the overseas moving quote to get your estimate just by 1 click from your home.Moving Overseas Packing If you call us now, you can talk to our highly qualified and knowledgeable personnel to answer all your overseas moving problems you may have. Xpress Movers is a licensed, insured, accredited and professional moving company operating in the USA and offering the best high quality overseas moving services at inexpensive prices. We can help you with all the packing operations which are required for a overseas moving. We will help you with the preparations for the big event which will relieve the stress from your shoulders. We are a company that has many years of experience in the business and we have done hundreds of overseas moves for customers all over the world. As a part of the best high rated overseas moving companies, we offer a professional and high quality services for our customers at affordable prices unavailable anywhere else. The overseas movers at Xpress Movers can help you with the shipping cost which can be reduced.

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Moving overseas with pets is a really difficult and complicated procedure. Xpress Movers can help you with the documents and all kinds of information about the overseas moving with your home pets. Moving Overseas with petsWe know that moving with pets is not an easy task with all those documents, licenses and certificates. Including the medical document and lists with vaccines, the procedure becomes even harder. That's why we are here, to relieve the stress from you, and we will do the job for you. That is how the professionals operate. Learn more about pet moving by clicking here. Use the professional moving services of Xpress Movers to enjoy your stress free move with us, call or e-mail us.

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