Moving into Extra Space Storage or Public Storage Facility Movers and Storage

Xpress Movers can help you move into a storage facility. You consider employing extra space in a storage facility? We provide moving into storage labor help. Our experienced moving team will move your belongings into a storage facility carefully and timely. Xpress Movers also offers storage so you don't have to hire third-party storage facilities, instead you will get the whole package of moving and storage.

Move and Store into a Storage Facility

If you want to move your household goods into a storage facility, contact us or fill in our free moving quote form. We can organize your move and take care of your belongings that you consider storing in a storage unit. The extra space public storage movers at Xpress Movers are well trained professionals with many years of moving experience. We are also movers with storage facilities that can store your household goods.

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Move and Store into a POD
Portable Storage Moving

If you are moving with a POD, we can offer you our premium moving labor services. Get a free moving labor quote to hire public storage movers. We understand how stressful moving can be when you move on your own. If the POD container is not loaded properly, your furniture might get damaged during transportation. That is why you need a professional help to pack your household furniture and load it in the POD to guarantee a successful move.

Xpress Movers can make your move with a POD a nice experience. Our professionals will pack all of your precious belongings using protective materials like bubble wrap and crumple paper. We'll load the POD container timely and efficiently, using the space effectively so you can save money on your relocation.

We offer discount summer storage for students. Many students move away for the summer and return at the beginning of the school year. We can move your stuff to a storage facility during your summer break and move them to your place again when the semester begins.

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