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Xpress Movers specializes in the moving, handling and storage requirements of office and industrial businesses. Our years of experience have enabled us to develop efficient office move procedures to help you orchestrate your entire office move from plan development to implementation.
Xpress Movers has developed proprietary techniques, efficient systems and procedures designed to significantly reduce the DOWNTIME - the most common negative effect of the business and office relocation. We prepare an office move project plan and we strictly follow the office relocation project management for every office move.

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Download our free office move checklist template and office moving list to be prepared for your upcoming move. Our printable office moving list is in PDF format - completely free for you to download. We use office relocation checklist for every office relocation planning prior to the moving.

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Free Office Moving Checklist:

Download here: Office Move Checklist (PDF File)

Office relocation project management

Office MoversThe proper office relocation project management is very important for your successful move. This will prepare your company for a smooth transition and will cut your office relocation costs by half or more. At Xpress Movers we take our time to carefully plan and manage every office relocation to make sure we have properly planned the moving process in advance.

office move project plan

Having an office move project plan is probably the most important step of the whole company relocation process. The proper office relocation project plan is the key for a fast and smooth relocation. You should always work with licensed professional office moving companies to make sure you have your move managed properly - plan your office moving costs in advance. Let the professional business movers at Xpress handle your company relocation.

Office Moving Checklist by the Office Movers

Here are some simple things you could do with your office move to start operation as fast as possible with less problems with our office moving checklist:

Meet with communications staff - Knowing how the phone system and computer facilities will operate at the new moving location is a must. Make sure that service will not be interrupted. The best way to ensure no disruption is to meet with communications staff on a regularly.

Make your customers aware about the office move - Remember to make changes to office stationery and alert your customers that the company's office is moving with change-of-address slips or cards. This is an excellent opportunity to remind your customers that the company is always looking for ways to improve and this office move is just one example of commitment to excellence. Let your vendors know about the office relocation as well.

Provide you employees with orientation - Meet with employees before, during, and after the office move to explain how any new functions such as the security and phone systems work. Also, offer guidelines for any new procedures that will be put in place as a result of the office moving.

Contact appropriate utilities - You'll need to contact your local utility companies for services like phone, electricity, and water. Provide them with begin and end dates and schedule any necessary appointments that will require your presence.

Arrange for new services - You want the transition to occur as smoothly as possible, try to make move-in day easy and stress-free. Make sure that parking is available for your company's employees. Order new keys, too, so that people can actually get inside the new office.

Conduct a walk-through. Before or On the office move-in day walk through the new space with staff to indicate the new work areas. Make them feel welcomed and respond to any questions they may have.

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Business Movers The company relocation movers in Xpress Movers will move your business at affordable corporate moving rates.

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Employee Relocation Movers Calculate the employee relocation expenses with Xpress Movers - get company discounts and employee movers relocation package offers.

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What should you do before executing your office move or contacting a moving company:

  • Prepare an office moving list - download our free template in PDF format above.
  • Make a office move project plan - a proper office relocation project management will optimize your office location downtime. Take your time with the office relocation project plan as this is the most important step of the whole process.
  • Fill and complete your office relocation checklist - having a strict office relocation planning is crucial for optimizing the overall office relocation costs.
  • Read our office moving tips to learn how to do your office relocation planning and save time with your upcoming move.

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