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Relocating a business is a serious problem faced by most business owners eventually - whether it is caused by the growth of the business or forced upon it by its lack thereof. Either way, it is best to find a loyal, reliable and secure moving company that is going to do the job fast (so as not to keep the business closed more than needed), without any hassle or any traces of unprofessionalism. What you need is Xpress Movers - the reliable business relocation guide. Let us help you with the transition to your new building - we can take care of your valuable office equipment or production machinery in your factory - everything! Just call us today at 1-800-778-4177 or, now, it's even easier - there is only one small thing you have to do - and that is to fill in our quote estimate and we will do the rest for you! It is THAT simple!

Workplace Relocation Guide

Xpress Movers are here to recommend you a business relocation plan that consists of several steps.

1) The first step consists of you getting a few office moving quotes so that you can determine the moving company that suits you best. Don't be hasty and never forget that an unrealistic low estimate is usually an incoming fraud. To avoid rogue movers you can contact our Xpress moving experts to help guide you through your business relocation plan.

Business Movers2) The second thing you have to do, after choosing a company, is getting a binding estimate. This will help with budget planning and security. Again, we strongly recommend that our business relocation specialists handle this for you, as it can get hard to keep track of all the paperwork, estimates and whatnot - call Xpress movers professionals to handle every aspect of it all for you!

3) Handling business relocation costs can be a hassle, as an office or production facility move can be costly. Not with our experts though! Here, you can find special offers and discounts, when you call our operators, explain the specifics of your business relocation and they will provide you with a personal and fair price estimate, fast and easy!

4) The fourth and final step is more about making sure everything is directed and managed properly, most of the time movers (especially inexperienced ones) can do mistakes, and when talking about business relocation expenses - mistakes can cost a lot of money. If you have hired business relocation specialists - sit back, relax, and enjoy the move.

This concludes our relocation plan. Of course, everything is situational, and we can't cover all of the business relocation tips here. But the general ideas that you want to take from this are - choose carefully, have someone manage the move (if possible) just in case, use checklists to be sure everything is in order. If you want to be sure you will get quality combined with a great price - don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-778-4177 or fill in the quote in the top portion of this page - we guarantee complete customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work!

Checklist for business relocation

Following a checklist is a perfect guide to have when you're relocating the office or any administrative or production facility. Reduce your business relocation expenses by creating a proper inventory list and following the guidelines in this checklist:


This, of course, is just a business relocation checklist template, and holds only exemplary information. There are no two similar moves, so keep the oddities of your move into consideration.

If you prefer not to deal with all of this, and just want to get it done - call us at 1-800-778-4177 or fill in the FREE moving quote at the top of the page. Our corporate relocation experts will help guide you towards a successful move.

Xpress Movers are standing by, ready to fullfil any moving request, so if you're relocating your administrative or production center - contact us now and make the first step towards a successful, mutually profitable business relocation service!

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