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Xpress Movers are fully licensed and insured movers with the Department of Motor Vehicles. We have a clean interstate moving file as we work hard to ensure each client is handled with great care. To request our services, fill our free moving quote.

Insured MoversXpress Movers provides free basic insurance, but we also offer two different additional moving insurance options for better protection of your belongings. Get your moving insurance before the moving day and have the smoothest moving experience possible.

Don't forget to arrange insurance for your interstate move and your furniture before the move. Moving house can be very hectic, so confirm your household goods have adequate protection and insurance.

When you move house, get to know exactly how much 'stuff' you've got. And if you lose any possessions, how much would it cost you to replace each and every piece of furniture. Download a printable moving checklist to keep track with your progress during the move.

If you have valuable items, then you may want your insurance to cover specified items. Those can be jewelry, collectibles or special equipment.

Accidental damage during the move could also be pricey. That will cover damage that's not normally in standard policies, such as dents in walls while moving furniture or ripping the sofa fabric.

To purchase moving insurance with the Xpress Movers, Please, contact us or Call Toll Free 800-778-4177

Xpress Movers - licensed & insured
Released Value

First option is called "Released Value" and comes free of charge for all of our customers. It covers $0.60 per pound per article, which means if any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in our possession, our liability is limited to the actual weight of the lost, destroyed or damaged article multiplied by 60 cents per pound per article. For example, if a 30-pound dresser is damaged, lost or destroyed during the move, you will be compensated $18 for it, which is considerably less than the average value of most household goods. We recommend making a moving checklist with your items with their condition and real value.

Full Value Protection

Second option is called "Full Value Protection" and offers repair of the damaged item, or reimbursement at its depreciated value. The dollar value of the shipment (or the amount for which the client would like to be protected) is estimated and stated on the Customer's Declaration of Value page of the Bill of Lading. Under this option if any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in our possession, Xpress Movers will either:

  1. Repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition as when it was received by us, or pay you for the cost of such repairs;
  2. Replace the article with an article of like kind and quality, or pay you for the cost of such a replacement. There is an additional charge and conditions that applies for this option and they are explained below:

    The base minimum amount of protection (valuation) is $5,000 or $4.00 per pound, whichever is greater, For example at $4 per pound, a 5,000 pound shipment would have a minimum valuation of $20,000. The good part of this option is that the $4 (or whatever amount is purchased) per pound valuation is not applied to each item, so a 30lb dresser is NOT limited to $120. Instead, it's limited to its depreciated replacement cost.

    When choosing "Full Value Protection" or FVP, you may be able to select option with No Deductible, a $250 Deductible, or a $500 Deductible. Of course, the higher the deductible you choose, the lower the cost of the protection. Please contact our representatives for up to date rates for FVP options. Our liability is limited for items that are worth more than $100 per pound unless those items are specifically listed and valued in advance on the attached sheet of the shipping documents.

Movers Valuation Protection
Restriction and Limitations

Xpress Movers - licensed & insured moving company will not pay for:

  1. Items in boxes not packed by us, unless the exterior of the box or carton is obviously damaged, the damage occurred while the box was under our care, custody or control, and the damage to the carton was responsible for the damage to the item inside.
    To avoid such problems, pack items properly, use sturdy cartons, or have Xpress Movers pack the items that need the extra protection.
  2. Casualty losses, which were discussed earlier, including fire, windstorm, hail damage, and the like. The reason this type of occurrence falls outside of the protection of mover's valuation. We typically have no control over those types of losses.
  3. Damage to items marked as already damaged on your inventory list. No one should expect Xpress Movers to pay for items that were damaged before we even took possession of them. Be sure to check your inventory lists carefully before signing them.
  4. Items placed in a self-storage facility others than ours. Having your belongings in non-climate-controlled storage facilities may cause permanent damage to some of your wooden furniture especially if they are antique pieces.
  5. Damage caused by mold or mildew.
  6. Loss to pairs and sets unless the damage or loss occurs to all items in the pair or set.
  7. Any loss or damage not resulting from the negligence of our company.

Xpress Movers is a fully licensed moving company, insured and bonded movers. We are nationwide movers with moving locations all over the United States, Canada and Europe. As fully insured movers, we strive to provide the best moving experience possible. We estimate moving costs fast with our upfront pricing policy. Our rates are one of the best out of state movers by our customers as we strive to provide the best moving service possible.

Xpress Movers are NYC insured movers, Chicago insured movers, Boston insured movers, and Washington DC insured movers. We are also Philadelphia insured movers. We serve the entire continental USA.

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